About Us


Cabin in the Woods is an association founded by six writers who came together during a crazy NaNoWriMo session. After more than a year of sharing in the struggles of the writing industry – particularly the marketing side of things – we realized one of the biggest hurdles for indie authors (and many traditional authors as well!) is a lack of coverage. For indie authors with no publishing houses to market them, their amazing releases fall by the wayside; for traditional authors in an oversaturated market, often their stories can get lost in the chaos.

From the recognition of these struggles, Cabin in the Woods was born.


Cabin in the Woods serves as a hub for authors, especially of the indie (self-published) variety, to gain notice through assistance with coverage on social media. CITW offers author interviews, featured posts for individual books on social media platforms, newsletter mentions, and more! Our aim is to provide one place where authors, their books, and their unique, inspiring journeys can be accessed all in one place by potential readers around the world.


Cabin in the Woods reads and approves or rejects associated works on a case-by-case basis.* When a book is approved, the author receives a written interview questionnaire for a featured piece in the CITW blog, submits an author pic and short bio, a synopsis, and their cover art. These are hosted on our “Associated” pages and the book will be broadcast on our social media pages on a monthly basis.

*We reserve the right to reject any manuscript for any reason.

DISCLAIMER: Cabin in the Woods cannot guarantee an increase in sales based on association. Our commitment is to do our best to provide social media advertisement to our associated authors/books. This is not a guarantee of sales numbers and does not replace self-marketing for one’s own stories.


1. Is CITW a Publishing House?

No. Cabin the Woods cannot offer any publishing deals, printing options, agent representation, etc. In the future, we hope to offer a low-fee editorial service for authors whose books aren’t quite ready for publishing but with whom we’d like to work. However, at this time, CITW only offers free social media coverage for authors.

2. If I become an associate, does Cabin in the Woods have rights to my story?

Absolutely not. You are free to do anything you want with your story, including sending a copy up in a rocketship for our martian neighbors to enjoy! You retain total rights to your story. If there is anything in a manuscript that we can’t approve, we will simply decline to associate. We aren’t here to change anyone’s story, just to help spread the word!

3. Do I have to pay for association?

Not a dime! Cabin in the Woods promotes the writings of its approved associates purely out of a desire to help spread the word about books we love.

4. What’s my role as an associate?

Write, write, write your heart out, and honor the deadlines given to you for the questionnaire, graphics, bio, and synopsis submissions. We also ask that our associated authors  include “Published in association with Cabin in the Woods” and our website URL (citwassociates.com) somewhere in their printed or eBooks (if you are traditionally published, you will have to check with your publisher/agent for approval on this). This way, both parties help to spread notoriety for the other and both gain better coverage.

5. I want to associate! What’s the process?

Simple! After January 1, 2019, visit our “Submissions” page and follow the steps. We will do our best to get back to you ASAP with an approval/rejection letter, so keep an eye on your email!