With just a couple days until its NEW release date, we are super excited to share the first chapter of Crystal & Flint with all of you! After reading this insight into Crystal’s world of military brass, coded messages, new missions and broken thrusters shorting out at 68 percent of their maximum capacity, we can’t WAIT to add this gem to our bookshelves!

Here’s a snippet of what you’ll find in Chapter 1:

Crystal felt everything she had been working for slipping away. “Journey’s appearance at this conference is going to be highly publicized,” she pointed out. “That’s going to put us at a lot of risk.”

“I agree,” Reed said.

“You think someone might try to stop Journey from reaching the Summit Meeting?” Dewite asked.

“I’m concerned that someone might try to put Journey out of commission altogether,” Crystal said, her hands involuntarily clenching on the chair. “If we aren’t prepared to confront them…” Her voice trailed off.

Dewite’s eyebrows shot up. “Who would be crazy enough to attack Journey on her maiden voyage? There’s no way they would be able to get away with it.”

Like what you see? Read the rest of Chapter 1 on Holly Ash’s personal blog!

Don’t forget to follow her for first details and future news on The Journey Missions series, and PREORDER CRYSTAL & FLINT HERE!

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