Renee Dugan

Renee is a writer from Midwest USA. She currently juggles full-time brainstorming with full-time work at a Christian non-profit where she can do her absolute favorite things: editing, marketing, and helping and encouraging people.

Renee’s favorite genre to write and read in is YA with a hard bent toward fantasy. She is currently in beta edits on her debut novel, The Chaos Circus, which is scheduled to release in association with Cabin in the Woods in March 2019, and drafting a high-fantasy epic.

When she’s not writing or working, Renee can be found sleeping (somehow), enjoying a bowl of chicken curry with her husband, family, and friends, buried under a heap of cats with her nose buried in a book or her phone, or at one of the following places:




Personal website:

Renee wants you to know she loves and believes in you and your craft! Feel free to chat with her on Instagram, her favorite haunt, at any time!


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