We are so excited to announce our SECOND Associated Book: The Chaos Circus!

Circuses are supposed to be fun; full of lights, music and games. But what if instead of playing for a stuffed toy, you’d have to trade years of your life to win the prize?

That’s what’s at stake for Tessa and Nicolai in the next Cabin in the Woods Associated novel, The Chaos Circus, written by founding member Renee Dugan. Dugan’s debut novel explores the stigmas surrounding mental health and people struggling to find their place in the world.

“I wanted to have a main character who’s considered odd, crazy, and in need of reformation because of that,” says Dugan of what motivated her to write The Chaos Circus. “I’ve been the odd kid my whole life and I wanted to address that through Tessa’s eyes. So, the story was also cathartic to my journey of self-acceptance.”

A lifelong lover of fantasy, Dugan lives in the Midwest with her husband, dog, and three  cats. The Chaos Circus is her debut novel and will be published in March of 2019.

Who’s ready to go to the circus?

Keep an eye on our blog and associated books pages for PREORDERS coming in December 2018!

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