A Dose of Romance Realism – by M.C. Torrent

Let’s talk about story romances y’all. I’m no expert on writing romance, but this comes coincidentally with some possibly terrible life choices I’ve made so I guess we’re stuck with this. So, yeah, this is probably nothing new, but you know what? Let’s talk about YA because as a person who falls into the YA age group radar I feel like I can do this stuff a lil more justice. I won’t bore anyone with the details of my terrible life choices but let’s start there.

Long story short, my long list of bad life choices started with me acquiring a huge crush on a friend somehow. You know those moments where you look at someone and you’re really confused as to whether you just think they’re a really cool person or you actually have a romantic interest in them and you kinda just ponder this for a heckin’ long time?

Yep. I’ve seen a bunch of YAs where your typical teenage character just. Sees this person. And immediately decides they have a crush on them. That’s…generally not how it works in my experience? Like this friend is someone I’ve known for more than a year and it took me the last three months to de-confuse myself. Bottom line – y’all have probably heard the “don’t rush romances” stuff but don’t necessarily make your characters attracted to each other at all at first. It’s a slow burn (really slow) where you question your sanity and your potential to completely screw over your relationship with this person. Especially at a time where everyone’s sorta concerned about the friendships they have and all that (including me because I’m such a loner and need more friends).

Things also tend to escalate really effing quickly. Once your character has decided that, wait, they’re actually (hopefully) sane and have an actual crush on Love Interest, it…tends to get crazy. They may find themselves sitting next to this person, and in typical movie/book drama style, internally screams their way through the ordeal whilst trying to play it cool. Sadly all does not play out like Hollywood says from this point on because nobody will notice this poor, precious MC sitting and suffering in silence. They will most likely leave the ordeal really damn depressed because Love Interest absolutely did not notice their silent suffering but also really effin’ relieved that Love Interest did not notice their silent suffering. Rinse and repeat until satisfactory stress/sexual tension levels are reached.

I also regret to inform you that Hollywood has it wrong and that no your crush does not simply like you back and you get a moment alone with them somehow where you both realise that you like each other and you kiss happy endings all around. We…are very impatient human beings, as teenagers, and the amount of inappropriate snark and jokes thrown around my Discord server might be enough to fill a dictionary. We ain’t gonna wait around and suffer in silence forever. Through the, uh, continuing questioning of how badly you can screw over your friendship, you end up coming to the conclusion that telling Love Interest how you feel will be less stressful. Somehow. Hint: I was wrong. Think about it this way.

  1. Your precious bby MC tells Love Interest and they both get together
  2. Your precious bby MC tells Love Interest and they don’t get together but are still friends
  3. Your precious bby MC tells Love Interest but they’re a real dickwad and screws over entire friendship
  4. Your precious bby MC doesn’t tell Love Interest and continues to suffer in silence forever

See what I mean? The real world sucks and ya only got a 25% chance of getting together with your crush. But since this is the books and we’re here for the juicy romance stuff and cute ships let’s assume the MC 100% gets together with Love Interest. They still gotta say somethin’, ya know? Or. At least. One of them does. But yeah don’t pull the “MC and crush end up alone together and kiss” thing mostly because that’s not how it works out lol.


So, yeah, ‘nother wild heckin’ post by me. (I swear I have no idea what I’m writing half the time) Anyways, this has been your dose of Chiefy’s sad social life with some questionable writing advice thrown in. Take it if you want, or don’t, it’s up to you. Till next time.

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