Finding the Sweet Spot of Sanity with Worldbuilding Frames

I started out writing as a pantster, got nowhere, and naturally veered into the other extreme (as all converts tend to do), before I finally landed somewhere in the middle. Nowadays, I plot my big turning points and pants the individual scenes; create "character frames" and discover my characters' actual personalities while I write them; …

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Check out the giveaways happening for our second associated book!


Ahhh you guys! Finally time for The CHAOS CIRCUS giveaways! I I am super excited for these giveaways – there will be four of them, each one a week long, for all of February! I’ve been curating content for months and I’m so excited to finally share!

Each prize package contains: 1 masque, 2 Chaos Circus bookmarks, an exclusive piece of Chaos Circus art (made by the insanely talented @sunset_opal), a balloon necklace just like Tessa’s, and a bonus $10 Starbucks gift card to meet your coffee and tea needs!

How to enter:
📖 Preorder The Chaos Circus (links at
📖 Email proof of purchase to and include your name and mailing address in case you win.

And that’s it! Your name will be entered for all four rounds and I will contact you if you win!

Drawings will take place every Friday…

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I’ve Joined Authortube!

One of our Founders has joined Authortube!

Check out the details here!

That’s right, folks! ReneeDuganWriting has found another outlet – this time in the visual platform! I’ll be repurposing a lot of the old content from this site with a fresh perspective spin on things, as well as doing giveaways, challenges, tags, YouTube-exclusive content and more!

You can watch my debut video, subscribe, and ring the bell HERE!

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5 Reasons Why I Chose Self-Publishing Over Traditional – by Renee Dugan

Happy Saturday, Cabinmates! Today we wanted to share a post that one of our founding members, Renee Dugan, wrote after making the transition from the dream of Traditional to Self-Publishing. It's not an easy decision to switch to indie, particularly if you've long had the dream of landing a deal with the Big 5, being …

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One of the goals of CITW is to create a community of writers supporting, growing, and learning together. To that end, we'll be introducing you to our six founding members over the course of the next six months! In this post, we're excited to introduce you to the first of our founders, Joy Fetters! Joy …

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